Friday, 4 May 2012

Japan - The bizarre and wonderful land of the east

Japan is most definitely a great but strange place. Before coming to Japan I knew very little about the land of the rising sun. The culture is very difficult to dive in to from abroad even with the manga/anime and video gaming craze in the west. Even though you can experience a lot about Japanese culture from the comfort of your PC seat, you can not really understand Japanese culture until you have lived it!

I have lived here for quite a while now, speak and think in Japanese on a daily basis, have traveled Japan, have experienced Japan, have tasted the delights and the the not so delightful dishes of Japan, and just about experienced everything Japan can offer, so to share this wisdom, I will be sharing the various experiences, memories, daily troubles, and just down-right craziness from Japan including a mountain load of Engrish! And if you have any questions, comments, or just about anything, please feel free to contribute. Thanks!


  1. はじめまして (^^)
    I read your blog for learning English. :)
    I feel it really fun because let me know about your feeling toward Japan!
    I'm not good at English but I just try it. =D

    1. 以下の記事を投稿しました。勉強になったら嬉しいです。:)

  2. コメントありがとうございます。