Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Life is hectic in Japan!

Sorry I have been so slow to create a new post. Recently, I have been preoccupied with so many things. In addition to my full-time job at a software company, I have also been teaching English, going to parties, studying and researching various things, oh life is hectic. Though, if I think about it, I was never this much of a workaholic before coming to Japan. I really do think people became what is around them. Although there are many things I have no intention of taking in to use myself here, there are somethings that we just naturally absorb, one probably being working too hard. It becomes easy to feel guilty if you do not work hard when everybody else around you is. Yeh well, life goes on, we grow, and become able to do more. Don't hold back, just go forward! That is what I believe! As I improve my knowledge and skills, I will find ways to post better information, and post as easily as possible to provide the best information for everybody. Any help with easy blog posting and attaching files from phones etc. would be much appreciated. Thanks everybody for reading my blog! :)

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